I Was Constructed For You.

I'm Monica. I live in Long beach California. I'm 25. My hobbies include being a (intersectional) feminist, wey gey, Video games, Anthropology, and Eating everything then feeling sad.
I'm just trying to pick up the pieces of my life she left behind.
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    Time for a little tmi

    Last night I was using a dildo on my gf as I went down on her, and after she had a rather lovely orgasm I left it in while I crawled up to give her one of those slow post orgasm kisses. Anyway, she broke the kiss because she needed to cough, and this caused the dildo to shoot out of her vagina and across the room to hit the dog right in the face! It gets worse. The dog then starts licking her cum off of it before picking it up and running out the room, so I had to spend the next ten minutes (naked) chasing that furry little pervert around the house to wrestle a sex toy out of her mouth, while my gf is pissing herself laughing in the bedroom.   

    This is she. The pervert. The voyeur. The dildo thief herself.


    I had to wipe cum off of this sweet little face.

    The gf has been having random giggling fits all evening at the memory of what will now be known as The Projectile Dildo Incident.

    At one point she went to make a cuppa and ten minutes later I found her crouched in the kitchen shaking with laughter.

    You don’t even know how much more amazing this has made my week.

    I’m glad that our sexual mishaps could brighten up your week :)

    what the fuck

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