I Was Constructed For No One But Myself

I'm Monica. I live in Long beach California. I'm 25. My hobbies include being a (intersectional) feminist, wey gey, Video games, Anthropology, and Eating everything then feeling sad.
I'm just trying to pick up the pieces of my life she left behind.
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  • BREAKING: There is a video a protestor recorded that shows the cops swung first..inciting the riot. #Ferguson



    • NO ONE in attacked chief Jackson
    • NO ONE WAS TRYING TO HARM CHIEF JACKSON. LOOK: this is seconds b4 the mayhem. cc
    • I was right by the chief for much of his walking . No one attacked him. Folks were trying to protect him if anything!
    • Fox and other media outlets falsely reporting that protestors attacked police chief. Live streams show otherwise in


    (via lippbiterrweakly)



    BREAKING: Peaceful Protesters In Ferguson MO Get Pummeled By Police Officers After Their Chief Marched With Protesters

    • I think the PD is aggressively attacking protestors because they assume & no longer gives a damn
    • Chief Jackson did this. His officers did this. Women were attacked. He said he was marching with us. Lies..he set us up
    • And Chief Jackson didn’t do ANYTHING to stop the attacks and mayhem. DID NOTHING!
    • LOTS of cops out right now. A short clash with the police after arrests were made. Live Feed Here:

    Fuck the police.  Seriously.  All this to protect a murderer.

    (via kingofdespair)

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